Montmartre at Paris

A bit full of people, after the movie "Amelie"...

Montmartre, the place for writers and painters, the most magic of corners in that amazing Town called Paris, where everything smells of peculiarity, and a strange mix of decadence and hope.
The place for dreamers and romantic souls, where both Picasso and Apollinaire have passed their most serene and yet creative moments.

At Cafe' Des Deux Moulins, nce free from too many people though, after the movie "Amelie" it's always possible to find half of the world in Paris, coming from half of the Universe really.

Some roads away, up to the little hill, the Sacre Coeur watches everyone with his mystical white power.
Never forget about visiting Le Bateau Lavoir, at number 13 in Place Emile Goudeau, a must for everyone who loves to paint, or who loves to get some vibe of true names of excellence who have passed hours and hours here, throught the memories which are saved like holy things there.

Trust the word of a man of Paris: Montmartre doesn't belong to real world, it belongs to Heaven of feelings.

Luc Brisaille, AKA Cibele