Travelling and Learning

Tips about travelling, curious facts, and the meaning of "Trip" concept

I love to travel.

Not only by taking airplanes, train, car or by foot,and seeing for real places (that still the best thing though), but also with my imagination, drawning in a wide ocean of sights,landcsapes, cultures, picking them from books, tv documentaries, web resources,and all that it's possible to spoil.

In my mind, for instance, I have travelled all the space among stars and planets...

To be in contact with other realities can open everyone's mind in a way impossible to be done otherwise.

This is a page dedicated to the pleasure of trips, but if you think this easily explains its contents, then you might be wrong.


Last Update:
October 2004, the Page with views on beautiful towns !

Useful Links for Travelers
Some links to hotels and chains of them (with acceptance of pets as well):


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