Bardolino and Garda Lake around Verona

Including a link to Meli's Album online of Summer 2002 Holidays!

Click on the pic of me aside and jump directly into my Online Album of my 2002 Summer Holidays, including.. a stop at Bardolino and garda Lake!

Lake of Garda is the most beautiful of Italy's Alps Lakes...
Between Lombardia and Veneto's Regions, Lake of Garda is a Paradise for holidays and life.

Fulfilled with all possible attractives and gifted with all Nature's beauties, the location is as stimulating as a few others could be.

You can either have the most relxin of holidays, or the most livin-on-the-edge one.

It's good for families, but also for singles ready to catch up the wind.
There's no limits to the good qualities of Garda Lake.

Gardaland, CanevaWorld, RockStarCafes...
All the fun is there.
But also Garda Lake is a classy place for those who enjoy luxury in their holidays.

Full of all Countries' people, it can be a natural way to link yourself with the world, by mantaining still the Italian style on your flag waving high and proud.

Contact me, and click on my up pic to take a look at some of Bardolino's finests thru my own holiday experience. I will try and explain more about why you should definitely take a ride towards Garda Lake.