Scandinavia magics

Scania, the sweet Flower

Scania is the Region at the South of Sweden, suspended almost over the sea, and rich of plantes and flowers like one couldn't imagine.

This calm oasis of peace and serenity sees Beauty marrying the open and active spirits of little Towns fulfilled by students and artists from all over the world...

Take a look with me inside it..

The Land of gooses and petals
Tons of gooses all around.

This is what you can get walking throught Scania's peaceful landscapes, little armies made of white plumes and noisy cheerful sounds.

Scania is Swedish most agricoltural Region, and no matter how little it can be in the vast Country (11000 kmq in a 450000 aren't that many), it produces alone 1/6 of the entire ground products of the whole State.

Landscapes of ordered breathtaking grace
All that you can look at, it would figure perfectly out from a painter delicate canvas.Here, like in the whole of Sweden, the massive love for environment it's such a constant reality that, united for Swedes internal trust for rules and organisation, makes the whole Country probably the most ordered place on Earth, also from a merely look at the wonderful, green, blu skyed landscapes.

Castles and rocks
Butt Scania is way more than lovely grengrass: it's a Region fulfilled with ancient locations, and castles and powerful rocks testifying of a not so delicate power.

Here there were people lived already from 13000 years ago, even if the traces we can clearly recognized as evoluted forms of society speaks of times dated 600 B.C. mostly.

Ales Stenar is a place signed on every valuable map of this Region, location of a Holy meaning, fulfilled with perceivement of mystical resources, and fenced like with the gift of an immutable thoughtful silence.

If you will ever get to this place, and then to the way more famous Stonhenge, I bet you would have got some trouble in deciding which one was more magical.

Sweden, the Land of Tales for Kids
Sweden often may look like a place for kids, in every situation you come there: might be a case if Astrid Lindgren, mother of the hugely successful Tale "Pippi Calzelunghe" were Swedish?Or that the star of Selma Lagerlof (a Nobel prize) was a kid?

Actually the "Marvellous trip of Nils Holgersson was concepted like a geography book for primary school kids, but the descriptions are so peculiar and fabulous that it has become a best seller and no one thinks anymore of your first meaning, and that wouldn't be possible, since everyone must consider geaography just boring, while this book is adventurous and colorful.

Just like Sweden, and particularly Scania.

This high and masterful fortress is one of the most perfected mantained in the whole Scandinavia. Dated around 1500, it's in the Southern part of Scania, near to Malmo.

A sight which deserves a visit, and which can lead to Malmo itself after, for taking a look at the Blue Town.

Town of thousand faces and absolutely Swedish in style,it has 25% of population which is composed of various ethnical species and this immigrants are its main characteristic, not to mention one of its greatest resources.

Rich of monuments and history (being founded in 1200) Malmoe is a cultural place and a point of researching and studies, fulfilled with prestigious libraries and a well known University.

Very modern and cosmopolitan, it's a very important commercial place too.

Its heart is called Stortorget, namely "the Big Plaza"over which projectes itself the massive Town Palace; but if you really like to get the soul of Malmoe, then you must go to Lilla Torget where almost entrapped in beautiful houses and ancient buildings you'll find every kind of restaurants , cafes, pubs, galleries and an incredibly beating life 24/7.