Ben Nevis: On The Rocks We Do Rock!

To climb it up, it means to test oneself like within ice cubes. Ice cubes that you should melt with scotch whyskey after the effort, below the mountain itself, in the distillery which brings the same name.

Difficulties meet beauty
Scotland, UK.

One of the most beautiful Countries ever, wild and powerful, cheerful but hided to most's sights and hearts, there is where Ben Nevis, which someone's defined "Ice Gymnasium", belongs to.

Out from Scottish Mountaneering Club's idea, Ben Nevis is meant to be a good alternative for climber lovers and snow freaks who could never fly to the Alps in the weekends.

There are no long climb ups there(maximum of dislevel is meant to be 400 meters), but when a storm rules, and that's the most frequent case you could be in, we assure you you're not gonna complain about that.
Requested hard training
Winter climbings to Ben Nevis are requesting perfect shape, experience, and a massive will to attempt to the edge of the mountain.

Without the basics, and the minimum of gears applying for mountains, even a simple journey to the bottom of it wouldn't be possible in safety.

Easy ways, like the one called "The Normal" are not requesting any peculiar skill, but if you want to climb, better you'd inform carefully yourself about the period, and the conditions of snow under you're gonna try the effort.

More than just one expertised alpinist has promised to never return again back to Ben Nevis, due to the hard work they have got to make there, but all of them, basically, have come in the end to not trust their own words.

The charming of Ben Nevis is undeniably massive, it's hard to forget the smell of the frozen air while you climb over a crystal surface, feeling it's only you, your soul, the wind and the mountain in the whole world alive and battling.

Some of the greatest consider Ben Nevis pure fun and challenge, and their names are(for those who know the subject, they are not new at all)Ivon Chouinard, Carlo Grassi, and Godefrey Perrouxi for instance.

Histories of men who realizes life throught days by risking life every day.
Strange Mad Trials, Strange Mad Rules...
In 1988 Mal Duff and John Tinker tried a way to the edge of Ben Nevis none has given another chance at, for how it was mad impossible to make.

But that's not the only incredible thing linked to Ben Nevis.

If you are not Scotland's blessed sons, in fact, you can hope to use refugee up there only from Monday to Friday (and by booking your staying with at least ten months of advance of course!), since the weekend is only dedicated there to please the natives of the rock.

Anyway, this is the address you need:

C.I.C. Hut, contacts send to Bob Richardson,2 Inch Lonaig, Balloch Glasgow 9838577, call at phone number (+44)038956994
Way to come to Ben Nevis
The easiest way to come there is obviously to get to Glasgow airport, then take a bus or a train to arrive in Fort Williams.

INFO: British Airwais, green number 147812266

For the night&day there

There's The Tourist Office of Fort William (call +440397703781) will help you all the way throught, but already it can be said that the cheapest of ways to stay there is apply to some bed and reakfast like "Liz and Giorgio" (call +440397702790)